The WWUTT podcast has been on the air since 2015, with at least 20 minutes of Bible study 5 days a week. Pastor Gabe does a study in a New Testament book on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; an Old Testament book on Thursday; and a Q&A on Friday, taking questions from the listeners. Look for WWUTT on whatever podcast app you use, or CLICK HERE!

Below is an archive of every lesson Gabe has taught thus far, listed by book of the Bible. (With literally thousands of episodes, this list is still under construction.)

A Study in Song of Songs

  1. Introduction to Song of Songs (Song of Songs 1:1)
  2. O You Whom My Soul Loves (Song of Songs 1:2-7)
  3. Behold You Are Beautiful (Song of Songs 1:8-17)
  4. Like a Lily Among Thorns (Song of Songs 2:1-7)
  5. I Am My Beloved’s (Song of Songs 2:8-3:5)
  6. On the Day of His Wedding (Song of Songs 3:6-11)
  7. You Are Altogether Beautiful (Song of Songs 4:1-16)
  8. Sick With Love (Song of Songs 5:1-9)
  9. A Banner Among Ten Thousand (Song of Songs 5:10-16)
  10. As Majestic as an Army With Banners (Song of Songs 6:1-10)
  11. How Beautiful You Are, O Noble’s Daughter (Song of Songs 6:11-7:9)
  12. I Am My Beloved’s (Song of Songs 7:9-8:3)
  13. Bind Me as a Seal Over Your Heart (Song of Songs 8:4-14)

A Study in Ecclesiastes

  1. Introduction to Ecclesiastes (Ecclesiastes 1:1-3)
  2. Vanity of Vanities (Ecclesiastes 1:4-11)
  3. The More Wisdom, the More Sorrow (Ecclesiastes 1:12-18)
  4. Come, I Will Test You With Gladness (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)
  5. Seeing Good in Your Labor (Ecclesiastes 2:12-26)
  6. A Time for Everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
  7. He Has Put Eternity in Our Hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:9-22)
  8. The Tears of the Oppressed (Ecclesiastes 4:1-16)
  9. Let Your Words Be Few (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)
  10. Gladness in Labor (Ecclesiastes 5:8-20)
  11. All a Man’s Labor is for His Mouth (Ecclesiastes 6:1-12)
  12. Who Can Straighten what God Has Bent (Ecclesiastes 7:1-14)
  13. The Righteous Perish in Righteousness (Ecclesiastes 7:15-29)
  14. Keep the Command of the King (Ecclesiastes 8:1-17)
  15. The Righteous in the Hand of God (Ecclesiastes 9:1-9)
  16. Do With All Your Might (Ecclesiastes 9:10-18)
  17. Wisdom Has the Advantage (Ecclesiastes 10:1-10)
  18. The Fool Multiplies Words (Ecclesiastes 10:11-20)
  19. Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters (Ecclesiastes 11:1-10)
  20. Remember Your Creator in Your Youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1-4)
  21. Fear God and Obey His Commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:5-14)