Are Eclipses Signs of Judgment?


Once again, neither a lunar nor a solar eclipse is a sign of judgment, no matter what these loony false prophets say.

Mark Blitz on the Jim Bakker Show: “Because the Gentiles go by the sun for their calender, a solar eclipse represents judgment coming upon a nation. A lunar eclipse, because Israel goes by the moon, refers to judgment coming upon Israel.”

That’s not anywhere in the Bible. But what about where it says that the sun will be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the great and awesome day of the Lord? There are references to supernatural signs in the heavens. But eclipses are natural and calculable.

NASA has mapped every eclipse that will occur for the next 1,000 years. They know exactly where they will be visible from down to the mile, and how long their duration will be, down to the second. How are they able to do that? Because they’re prophets? No! And neither are these other guys claiming eclipses are signs of judgment.

God created the sun and the moon for signs and seasons. Signs in this context meaning memorial or holy days. So since they mark time, they run like, well, clockwork. Psalm 8:3 says, “I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place.” Psalm 104:19 says, “He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.”

Eclipses are not signs of judgment. They are a wonderous spectacle of God’s created order. John 3:19 says that the appearing of Christ is the sign of judgment. So repent and worship Him before He appears a second time to judge mankind. But if the Lord tarries, expect the next eclipse to happen on time, as God has ordained it, when we understand the text.

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