did God cause the coronavirus pandemic

Did God Cause This Pandemic?

  Let’s say a fatal disease or pestilence has spread around the world. That shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine. Did God cause this pandemic? Well in Exodus, God sent plagues upon Egypt, including boils and the death of the firstborn. When the Israelites worshiped a golden calf, God afflicted them with pestilence. In Leviticus …

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are you a pharisee?

Are You a Pharisee?

  Two people are having a spiritual or ethical discussion, one is a conservative Christian and the other more liberal. The conservative calls a popular teacher false, or says a culturally accepted behavior is sin, and points to what the Bible says. The liberal responds by playing the Pharisee card. “You’re so unloving and legalistic …

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no creed but Christ

No Creed But Christ?

  It’s popular to say, “No creed but Christ,” as if to say we don’t need creeds, we just need Jesus. Ironically, that’s a creed, and one in need of some clarity. Creeds and confessions are formal statements of beliefs summarizing essential or important biblical doctrines. What does your church believe about Jesus? God? Mankind? …

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king james bible onlyism

King James Onlyism?

  King James Onlyism is the belief that the 1611 King James Version of the Bible is the only divinely authorized English translation, while modern translations corrupt the Bible. As KJV Onlyist Robert Breaker has said, promoting Gail Riplinger’s book on modern translations, “It’s not just a deception. It’s a Satanic conspiracy against the word …

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